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Pawn Shop SEO Services from Promote My Pawn

Pawn shop owners across the US have found themselves in a world where traditional advertising methods such as radio, tv, print, and even the local Chamber of Commerce are no longer viable paths for acquiring new customers. Traditional ads have gone the way of the dinosaurs and we all find ourselves in the age of instant gratification. After all, people need just go to a search engine such as Google and simply type in a phrase such as "pawn shop near me", or "cash for gold", as examples. For pawn shops, it's just a matter of being there at the point people are proactively searching for your services. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in to play and where Promote My Pawn will crush the souls of your competition and leave them wanting. 

SEO is not a new concept by any means, but it is new to a lot of pawn shop owners who have always relied on traditional ads to pull in the foot traffic. 

What is SEO and what can it do for your pawn shop?

SEO is a way to manipulate a website's coding, content and linking strategy to get your site to rank at the top of the search engines for your most important keywords and keyword phrases.

SEO is complex and requires not only attention to detail, but it also commands patience since it takes 3-4 months from the start of an SEO campaign until you start to see your listings show up at the top of the search engine results.

Typical SEO campaigns include:
Website audit and analysis
Competitor research
Keyword research
Code adjustments (titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, anchor text, etc)
Content adjustments

Ongoing blogging (Content Marketing)

Backlink acquisition

Monthly reporting & ongoing consulting

If you own a pawn shop and are looking for the top pawn shop SEO company in the US, look no further than Promote My Pawn. 

Our Pawn Shop SEO Programs Start at $300/month.

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