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Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Pawn Shops - Google Ads 

Running Google Ads is a proven way to get people to your pawn shop for a ton of different keywords and phrases. Unlike organic SEO which forces pawn shop owners to manipulate code and content variables of their site to earn their way to the top of search engines, Pay-Per-Click marketing via Google Ads affords you the opportunity to buy your way to the top of the search engines for people proactively searching for keyword phrases such as "pawn shop near me", "pawn shop [your city name]", "cash for gold", etc.

As the name indicates, whenever someone clicks on your Google ad, you pay "per click" which is based on an auction-based system whereby you bid on keywords and phrases vs. your competition and what they're willing to pay for clicks to their site. Sometimes it costs less than a dollar per click for keyword phrases with some phrases costing several dollars per click.  

Our experience has shown that pawn shops should only focus on a 10-15 mile radius of their physical location to ensure maximum exposure in their market and keep the types of targeted keyword phrases tight to your products and to general terms such as "pawn shops", as an example. 

Our PPC campaigns typically include:

Google Ads setup & ongoing management

Retargeting & Display Ads setup & ongoing management

A/B ad copy testing

Bid adjustments

Monthly reporting & ongoing consulting

If you're unsure how to set up and properly manage Google Ads for your pawn shop, contact the marketing experts at Promote My Pawn. 

Our Pawn Shop PPC Programs Start at $250/month.

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