How to Market Your Pawn Shop Using Social Media

Pawn shops have been a staple in communities all over the world for many years. In this ever-increasing digital age, though, pawn shop owners have to learn how to keep up with digital marketing trends and make sure their shop stays relevant in the pawn industry. 

The bottom line is that pawn shop marketing is no longer based on just print ads, signage, and word of mouth. A huge facet of marketing is based in social media, which is why it’s important to utilize sites like Facebook and Instagram when it comes to your marketing strategy. We promise - you will definitely see results, you just have to know how to navigate social media marketing. 

This article will explain just how to do it. 

Be Relatable

When it comes to using your pawn shop socials, relatability is best. You’re not advertising a law firm or a funeral service - your business is based in fun, curiosity, and whimsy. So, you should put that across in your social media to let people get to know your brand - just who you and your business are. 

Post Often

Dead profiles don’t get interaction, and profiles with low interaction usually don’t belong to successful businesses. In order to keep your pawn shop socials lively, it’s important to update frequently. You don’t have to post once an hour, or even once a day, but 3-5 times per week is ideal. 

Boost Posts

Focusing time and marketing money towards boosting posts (AKA promoting them) on Facebook and Instagram will never steer you wrong. Boosting your posts gets more eyes on them, and ultimately garners more business. Another way to garner more business is to utilize Facebook and Instagram equally, while geo-targeting to your local market and locations. This way, you can make sure that the people who are seeing your posts are people who can actually, physically come shop with you. 

What To Include

This is where we get to the fun stuff. Like we previously mentioned, there’s no reason for your social media content (or voice, for that matter) to be stuffy and stodgy. Most people on the internet don’t enjoy reading that tone, and it doesn’t encourage action or interaction. Keep your voice light and friendly - a voice that people want to talk to. 

While doing this, you can include new deals and offers and even implement recurring themes - for example, what if you tried out “Pawntastic Tuesdays,” where each Tuesday, a limited-time offer becomes available? 

You can also make your posts funny. People love a good laugh as they’re scrolling through their feeds, and utilizing popular memes is sure to grab attention (especially when it comes to Millennials and Gen Z-ers). 

Here are a few other ideas that you can put into play when it comes to social media marketing for pawn shops:

Photos, Photos, and More Photos

  • Part of the draw of a pawn shop is coming in while not knowing what you might encounter while pawning. But if you have an especially exciting piece, showing it off on social media can only benefit you. It could bring collectors in, and spark the interest of others who might not be interested in that specific item, but others of its caliber. 

  • You can also use photos to teach your audience what you do and don’t accept at your pawn shop. This helps both your business and your customers use time wisely. 

Reward Likes and Shares

  • The more likes and shares that your posts get, the more exposure your pawn shop will get because that like/share will put your post on the feed of the likers/sharers friend’s page, which might get them to interact with it, which can only boost it further. This could turn potential customers into new customers in just the click of a button. In order to encourage this type of behavior, you can implement a reward system for liking and sharing for incentive to do so, like discounts or special offers. 

Themed Days

  • There’s a theme for everything on social media - use those hashtags to join in on the fun (and the interaction). You can use #TransformationTuesday for an item that you restored from old to new (like precious metals), or #ThrowbackThursday for vintage items. Participating in themed hashtags boosts your social media presence and lets your audience know that your content is not only relevant, but fun too. 

Mini Games and Challenges

  • Anything that gets people talking under your posts is a good thing. Think of ways that you can encourage customers to comment and spark discussion - like challenging your audience to guess the appraisal amount of an item, or posing the challenge of guessing what year an item is from. The banter in your comments will boost your visibility and also cement your place in the community. People will view your pawn shop as interactive and friendly, which is what you want to aspire to be.

Social media advertising for pawn shops and pawn brokers is simple - all it takes is some engagement and involvement within your online community to create boosted sales offline. Soon, you’ll notice the people who found you online are making appearances as new customers in your store, and giving you recurring sales.